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Vientiane’s FSM

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Faecal Sludge Management of Vientiane, the capital of Laos (1,000,000 inhab concerned):

  • Building a plant for the treatment of the city’s sludge(humification planted beds)
  • Organizing the coming of the existing emptying companies to the plant (profit-sharing and coercion measures)
  • Start-up of the treatment process (green engineering)
  • Optimizing plant’s operation & maintenance, humus production and marketing during the first two years
  • Developing a valid economic model based on the pricing of FS discharges and humus sales, in order to establish a  PPP according to the acquired experience

Duration: 2015-2019

»»» SIA’s role: team coleader & FSM expert

Partners: WTA, GRET

Funding: AESN, SIAAP (Decentralized French cooperation), AIMF, Vientiane city


  • Treatment commissioning and optimization
  • O&M and monitoring (technic & financial)
  • Involvement of emptying operators
  • Regulations and organisational setup updates
Discharging fees collection

Discharging fees collection at FSTP entrance, July 2017


  • Plant construction
  • Involvement of emptying operators
  • Training of the local authorities
Emptying operator workshop, june 2016

Emptying Operator Workshop, June 2016

STBV Vientiane, construction, july 2016

STBV Vientiane, Construction, July 2016 (credit: GRET WTA)



  • Technical surveys
  • Administrative solutions
  • Detailed design of the treatment plant


FSM Preliminary Studies:

  • Institutional analysis
  • Preliminary studies and preliminary design of the humification plant
  • Market research for humus and financial analysis of the FSM system
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
  • Defining the project strategy
  • Support to the authorities and funders


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