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Country Date Client Size Fin. Partner Description
VARIOUS FRANCOPHONES CITIES 2017-2021 Association internationale des villes francophones various BMGF, AIMF Expert. Implementation of sustainable and innovative sanitation chains in 8 francophones cities and strategy for leverage in the whole AIMF network’s cities
LAOS 2015-2018 City of VIENTIANE 1 Mio cap. AIMF, SIAAP, AESN WTA, GRET Team coleader & expert. Faecal Sludge Management system for the city: treatment plant implementation, institutional framework improvement, operators capacity strengthening, start-up and optimization of the system
MADAGASCAR 2017 Town of FIANARANTSOA 200,000 cap. City of Lyon PRACTICA Expert. Town’s sanitation development. Diagnosis and strategic planning, sanitation marketing, public toilets implementation, Faecal Sludge Management implementation
SWITZERLAND 2017 EAWAG-SANDEC AfD & French Decentralised Cooperation « FSM book » translation into French
GUINEA 2017 Cabinet EDE  4 Mio cap. EDE FSM Expert: adivising the feasibility study and preliminary design of Conakry’s faecal sludge treatment plants
TOGO 2017 Town of KARA 3,000 cap. SIAAP Expert. Comissioning of the waste water treatment plant and training to the operator
BENIN & IVORY COAST 2017 NGO PSI, Cities of COTONOU and ABIDJAN PSI Expert. Technical assistance to the programme “Sanitation services delivery”, especially for toilets implementation at household level and faecal sludge management improvement
CAMBODIA 2017 NGO PSI-PSK National PSI Analysis of the sanitation market in Cambodia, following the Total Market Assessment methodology. Strategic recommendations for market development
CAMEROON 2017 Town of BANGANGTE 100,000 cap. French Decentralised Cooperation Expert. Technical opinion on the project, review and detailed design of the faecal sludge treatment plant
KOSOVO 2016-2017 4 villages ruraux 4,000 cap. SDC DORSCH, SKAT, CDI Expert. Implementation of 4 wastewater treatment plants for rural area (4 particular processes). Capacity building of the local team
FRANCE 2016 & 2017 Water & Environment Engineering School of Strasbourg  35 attendants Engees IRCOD Organisation and achievement of a 4 days training module on sanitation in low and middle income countries. Master students attendance
CAMBODIA 2016 Rohal village 200 cap. French Decentralised Cooperation WTA Feasibility study for a small-bore sewer in rural area
FRANCE 2016 Seine Normandie Water Agency (AESN) 12 attendants AESN Organisation and achievment of a 2 days training module on faecal sludge management. Project manager of French decentralised funding agencies attendance
LAOS 2016 Town of LUANG-PRABANG, district of Mano 6,000 cap. AfD WTA Expert. Evaluation of the self purification potential of the receiving bodies and feasibility of the eco-district project
MADAGASCAR 2016 National PSI Analysis of the sanitation market in Madagascar, following the Total Market Assessment methodology. Strategic recommendations for market development
MADAGASCAR 2016 City of ANTANANARIVO 7,000 cap. GRET Evaluation of the EU project MIASA, implemented by GRET
MALI 2016 HEREMAKONO District, BAMAKO 7,000 cap. SADEV Diagnosis, strategic options comparison and recommendations to the project management board
SENEGAL 2016 ECOPSIS, EDE 250,000 cap. ONAS Recommendations for Rufisque’s wastewater treatment plant upgrading (ponds system)
FRANCE 2015 EAWAG-SANDEC EAWAG-SANDEC French adaptation of the Compendium of Sanitation Systems and Technologies, re-writing of a few chapters (treatment)
TOGO 2014-1015 Town of SOKODE 80,000 cap. BAD ECOPSIS, HYDROBAT Team leader/expert. Studies, strategy, technical and institutional implementation of an improved sanitation system in the city (Toilets for all in Sokode), FSM and sanitation marketing. Microcredit. Training
MADAGASCAR 2012-2016 Town of MAJUNGA 110,000 cap. EU IRCOD Expert. Implementation of a Faecal Sludge Management service in the working-class districts of the city: technical design, institutional organization, development of the private sector for emptying and treatment
CAMEROON 2014-2015 DOUALA City 1,5 M cap. BM ECOPSIS, EDE Team leader / expert. Implementation of a Faecal Sludge Management service in Doula: technical construction supervision, private sector development (business plan, public service delegation)
TOGO 2014-2016 Town of KARA 3,000 cap. SIAAP WTA
Support in the construction and comissioning of a WWTP in the downtown of Kara: capacity building (construction & O&M)
BENIN 2013-2014 Town of PARAKOU 210,000 cap. NETHERLANDS COWI, PRACTICA Expert. Sanitation master plan of the city and feasibility of the pilots at lower costs
VIETNAM 2013-2015 HUE City 200 m3/day SIAAP WTA Expertise of the leachate treatment plant of the city’s dumping site: advice, design, capacity building (O&M)
MADAGASCAR 2013-2017 Town of TAMATAVE 140,000 cap. COOP. DEC. PRACTICA, PROTOS Expert. Implementation of a Faecal Sludge Management system in the city (collect-transport-treatment-reuse): technical studies, development of the non-conventional emptying sector (market study, strategy), starting of the treatment plant
MOROCCO 2014 Rural Commune of SFASSIF 8,000 cap. AESN ADEFRAM Sanitation diagnosis and feasibility of the appropriate options (conventional or non-conventional)
SWITZERLAND 2014 SDC general SDC ECOPSIS Evaluation of the research project “triple R” (Resource, Recovery and Reuse): business models, sanitation safety plans, entrepreneurs’ start up
LAOS 2014 VIENTIANE City 1 M cap. COOP. DEC. WTA, GRET Preliminary feasibility studies for the FSM service development in the city: organizational, financial and technical aspects. Support to the authorities. Project development
AFGHANISTAN 2013-2014 Prisons of KABOUL & HERAT 10,000,
5,000 cap.
ICRC Sanitation strategy and detailed design for the two largest Afghan prisons. Writing practical guidelines for the ICRC’s usage “Sanitation in large centers of detention”
KOSOVO 2012-2014 CDI (Kosovan design office); 3 villages villages
< 2,000 cap.
SDC SKAT Capacity building for a local company for implementing 3 wastewater treatment plants in rural areas. Project management, capitalization
GABON 2010-2013 PORT-GENTIL City;
20,000 cap. AFD, TOTAL GABON TDM Setting up of a No-Mix sanitation system in the city equipping 1,000 households: strategy advice and support to the authorities, business plan, collect service implementation and reuse
GABON 2010-2013 PORT-GENTIL City;
50,000 cap. AFD, TOTAL GABON TDM Implementation of a Faecal Sludge Management service: strategic advice to the authorities, business plan, PPP, studies and technical design
BURKINA, SENAGAL 2012 CADRES GABONAIS general AFD TDM Organization of a study tour (Ouagadougou and Dakar) focused on No Mix and FSM systems
SUISSE 2011-2012 EAWAG SANDEC, IWA general self-funding EAWAG SANDEC Co-author of the first guidebook on Faecal Sludge Management
125,000 cap.
self-funding WTA Feasibility studies for the FSM service implementation in the capital and in a secondary city
SENEGAL 2012 Cities of MBACKE,
300,000 cap.
EU MERLIN, ECOPSIS Expertise of the detailed design of 3 Faecal Sludge Treatment Plants in secondary cities
TOGO 2012 KARA City 3,000 cap. SIAAP WTA Expertise and resumption of a wastewater treatment plant project for the downtown of Kara (Anaerobic Baffled Reactor and Horizontal Planted Filters)
FRANCE 2011 CADRES KOSOVARS general SDC SKAT Organization of a study tour Rural Sanitation in France: adapted technologies, appropriate O&M; maintenance, institutional organization, cost recovery modes
MADAGASCAR 2011 MAJUNGA City 250,000 cap. MULHOUSE IRCOD Characterization and analysis of the manual emptying sector
SWITZERLAND 2011 journal of E.S.T. general self-funding EAWAG SANDEC Scientific writing and publishing
BOSNIE 2010-2014 UNA-CONSULTING (Bosnian design company) 750 cap. SDC SKAT Capacity building for implementing the Reed Filters technique (an ongoing Ljublijankici project)
MADAGASCAR 2010 MAJUNGA 250,000 cap. MUHLOUSE IRCOD Sanitation master plan for the second largest city in the country and definition of priorities
FRANCE 2010 SIRFIA (French constructor) villages
< 2,000 cap.
SIRFIA SIRFIA Developing offers for construction of Planted Filters considering numerous constraints (rain water treatment, dephosphatation and denitrification)
LAOS 2010 HIN-HEUB town villages
< 2,000 cap.
GRET WTA Support and design (Anaerobic Baffled Reactor + Faecal Sludge Drying Beds)
LAOS 2010 2 Laotian villages villages
< 2,000 cap.
UN-HABITAT WTA Support on the sanitation master plan
(French design company)
2 French villages
< 2,000 cap.
CIDEE CIDEE Capacity building for the implementation of the Reed Filters technique, project management in 2 constructions in French villages
(Moldavan design company)
3 Moldovan villages
< 2,000 cap.
SDC SKAT Organization of a study tour in France; elaboration and set up of an intensive training module on the Reed Filters procedures and pond options. Support on the detailed design (3 projects in Moldova).